Rich Hil – Cookies And Apple Juice

Directed by: Mike Carson
Produced by: Mike Waxx
Shot on location at: The Hilton Hotel (Austin, TX)
Here’s one from the archives that we’ve been sitting on for quite some time. We went down to Austin, TX a few months ago for SXSW, which was easily one of the most fun and productive weekends of my life. Before then, I’ve only really kicked it with Rich a few times and it was the first time he and Mike Carson even met. We missed his performance earlier that day, but decided to swing through his hotel room at The Hilton and see what was good. Before anything, we shot the infamous Rich Hil ‘illRoots Freestyle’ that garnered countless comments of negativity a few months back. Now, we present to you one of my personal favorite video’s we’ve done, over the Cam’Ron beat.

Look At This:

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