Iman Shumpert delivers a brand new song and music video titled 'My Way'. Using the stage name Iman., the NBA champion uses his platform to speak on the numerous injustices facing America today. Watch the visual to 'My Way', directed by Andrew Jenks above and read his full statement on the song below.

I've never seen change come from a place of pure comfort. It is through uncomfortable circumstance, conversation and action that birth a change for the better.
What's going on in the world right now is not ok and though I wish it went my way all the time I understand that things will never be perfect.
That being said we still have to make efforts to continue a conversation that will make this world better for the next generation. #myway
I don't want this video to make people feel that I want a war, but I do want this video to lead to more conversation and less feeling that “role models" are turning their cheek to be “politically correct". We can't shy away from certain words and situations just because it raises some eyebrows and boils some blood.
I contemplated removing the word “nigga" from the song once I decided to release this video that I previously scrapped to stay away from the backlash it may cause but I realized that by doing that I'm running from the conversation and the real problems that this world is facing.
I have been very active in the community, not only in Chicagoland (my hometown of Oak Park) but also in Cleveland, and I choose not to make it a public thing because I don't want a gold star and cookie for it. I want to educate the targeted minorities that are facing danger in the struggle between the badge and the people. Though I do it group by group in what I'm involved in I believe every bit of information I can give the youth is a big help to solving some of these issues. The racial divide is very much alive but doesn't have to be frowned upon now that it's been made public, I feel that it's better to know that someone is on the opposition rather than for someone to have a hidden agenda and wear a face that's not pure.
We as a people have to continue to communicate and spread love until we generate a large enough crowd to evoke change. I believe that crowd is in our youth, the younger they are introduced to these problems and the more aware they become in making a decision that can affect the future then the better of the world will be. I choose peace and love and I hope this video provokes change as much as it will stir up conversation.