Yeah, I needed to get "Comeback Season" out of my system. I needed to know what it is to lose a song to leaks, and what it is to truly have a hit. I know what magic in the studio feels like, and I know how it feels to not fear your idols.
Drake - Ransom (Ft. Lil' Wayne)
Aubrey "Drake" Graham is hear to stay and with his recent co-signing from Lil' Wayne, he is poised to make a definite impact on the world very So with Kardinal Offishall getting much more national exposure with the backing of Akon, Do you feel that your affilliation with Lil' Wayne will ultimately bring more Canadian rappers exposure in the upcoming months?
Drake: I don't know if it will bring other rappers exposure but it's definately an amazing cosign for me and mainly because he is considered the best all around rapper in the world right now by alot of people and he views me as a peer and as an equal. We keep it real cool with each other and have a mutual appreciation for great music. Obviously I can see a Lil' Wayne co-sign is good for anybody, What is one part of your life that you value the most?

Drake: The people around me...4040, Niko, Oliver, Future, My Mother, My Uncle...I have so many amazing people in my life that keep me grounded and keep me ahead of everyone else. They deserve all the credit in the world. Should this music thing work out. Right family and friends are always important, especially in this, If the music thing doesn't work out, other than your acting skills what are you thinking of doing?
Drake: I have plans right now to open a restaurant in Toronto. I love the feeling of walking into a spot know you own it, not clubs though, just fine dining. Yea man, owning things is always good, because I was renting and I just got a house. Oh man, GREATNESS.
Drake: [Laughs] So you've done a ton of work with a bunch of artists, whom are you looking forward to working with in the not so distant future?
Drake: I am really looking forward to working with Kanye West, I think we can create something timeless together. As well, I am looking forward to working with Chris Brown and T-Pain too...I'm a R&B head on the low low, and I can't leave out Purple Duffle P better know as Pharrell. Honestly I can get into some R&B, say what you want but Floetry is the truth. "Itttssss gettting Lateeee, why you gotta be heeerrrrreeee"

Drake: Floetry Live...Hey You...thats my track. Oh word, my first child was concieved to "Say Yes".
Drake: So you owe them a hi-five or some sort of appreciative gesture. Maybe a nice tapioca spoon and bowl set? I owe them Super Daps, like those daps that people who are overly appreciative of you and want to test and make sure your back is still there by gripping you up.
Drake:You know who I would like to give super daps too.....Zoe Kravitz YES. [Laughs]
Drake: [Laughs] Indeed. Where do you feel this acting thing has contributed to your career?
Drake: le that come up to me on the road and ask me for pictures that would never want a picture with Hov or Wayne or anyone like that...but they are loyal to that show so when I tell them I have an album coming out even if they listen to The Used or Jonas Brothers they are gonna go buy that record for the pictures inside and to say they have it...thats an amazing thing, thats money. Speaking of buying records, even though Wayne sold an astronmical amount, their still has been a pretty stagnant sales move in hip-hop, why?
Drake: No anticipation and excitement behind the College Dropout was one of the most exciting releases...artists don't spend time building a buzz the right way anymore they just follow some formula thats given to them by people that claim its "proven". I think that and just the age of instant gradification...having it on time is late and having it early is on time. I can see that, honestly I would like to see major artists go back to the grassroots, we see more of that gradually. Also now you don't need a big label to put out good music....of course that was always a misconception though.
"Replacement Girl"
Drake: People always hit me like "Yo you're taking too long to get on you could have been had a deal from Replacement Girl" but they don't understand that I needed that time to prove to my fans that I am actually talented and it wasn't a fluke and I also needed that time to learn so many things. Biggie did a few records before he made "Ready to Die".
Drake: Yea, I needed to get "Comeback Season" out of my system. I needed to know what it is to lose a song to leaks now...and what it is to truly have a hit...I know what magic in the studio feels like...and I know how it feels to not fear your idols Who is your idols?
Drake: Lyrically...Jay-Z, Phonte, Wayne, Andre 3000. Life Wise...My Mom and George Clooney. George Clooney? I must ask.

Drake: I just study his interviews...he has amazing self posession. Your biggest success to date?

Drake: Probably just being where I'm at...such a bland answer but the monumental moments haven't come yet...or maybe they're occurring and it just doesn't register right away but to be here and be respected is an amazing feeling...for my city and my family.I have got to write for some legendary people too...thats something I'll never forget. You know who I would want to write with.

Drake: Who? I just want to be in the studio with The Who, or maybe even Jimi Hendrix.
Drake: Wow, yea that'd be amazing. Rap is great, but I love all types of music, yet it is a very young form of music.

Drake: I hear what ur saying about it being young, but eventually it had to restart, to be young and hungry is what rap is about. The overall concensus of where your going and what new projects can we look forward too?
Drake: I am going to deliver the greatest hip-hop crossover album to date...I am going to take my time and make sure every moment is as exciting for the fans as it is for me...I am going to continue to make films and I will even have a spot for you to come eat when you visit Toronto...Thank Me Later is the title of the album and its coming in 2009...until then I promise to keep my people entertained. Its been wonderful. Much success and I hope you have great evening good brother.

Drake: Vice Versa sir...its been a pleasure...hopefully we'll catch up again when my plans have become perfect predictions...until then.