The Fall 2019 music festival season in Arizona is nearly underway. Before we prepare for the upcoming shows, we must take a look back at our magical weekend for the 5th annual Phoenix Lights festival. The Relentless Beats event took place on April 5th and 6th in The Park at Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ. Key performances throughout the night that were most electrifying included the amazing duo Big Gigantic, GRiZ, Kaskade, Whipped Cream, Malaa, Excision, San Holo, Svdden Death, and many more. We had the chance to attend Phoenix Lights for the first time. We look forward to returning for next year's annual show. Take a look through the entire gallery above for some shots of the crowd and for GRiZ's set as well. Bassrush, Goldrush and Decadence 2019 are all just around the corner!

We're glad we had the opportunity to sit down with GRiZ before his performance. We talked with him about wild stage moments, working on his latest album 'Ride Waves', his favorite festival experiences and working with legends like Bootsy Collins and Snoop Dogg.

What personal experiences have been your favorite so far amongst your fans?
GRiZ – Recently, the feedback from my album has been outstandingly positive. Sometimes you get opinions from others saying "oh I wish it would've sounded like this or that", but social media has really been on our side. That felt really good. We're about to head out on tour soon. I'm sure there will be great stories from that too.
Congratulations on the album. Can you tell us about any fan art or pieces that you've recently received?
GRiZ – Someone made a cut-out of me and put it on a voodoo doll. It was crazy! It was also great in the sense that they traveled around with it and got passed along from venue to venue. It was some kind of totem that you make in elementary or middle school.
You always give a great perspective on your live performances. What was one of your wildest stage moments?
GRiZ – One of the "brodem poles" in the crowd was triple stacked. It was super rare. You know how girls climb on guys shoulders in the crowd? They had three guys stacked with a girl overhead all of them. There was another guy at Middlelands festival in Texas raging on a tree. I stopped my set to get the kid help down from there.
Do you ever go enjoy festivals yourself and get lost in the music/crowd?
GRiZ – Oh yeah! I'll go in there incognito. Last year at Electric Forest I had a Phantom of the Opera mask, a hat and bandana, walked around in there having a blast. I love looking at the new environments too. It's great seeing it from the crowds perspective, because being on that stage is a thrill not many get to experience and I'm extremely grateful for it. But at the same time, I dig how cool it is to be at a music festival, walk around and see the different stages.
What's your personal favorite festival that you attended?
GRiZ - For me, Burning Man. I wouldn't call it just a festival because there's a lot going on there that makes it really cool. You come out feeling reborn. It's in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. I loved every second.
What's one of your favorite songs to play to get the audience pumped?
GRiZ – Right now it's probably 'Caught Up' from the album with Muzzy Bearr.
How did you manage to get Bootsy Collins on the album?
GRiZ – Can't tell you that one. *laughs*
You also connected with the legend Snoop Dogg.
GRiZ – That was a crazy beat. As soon as I finished making it we sent to his people. He said he was down once he heard it and the rest is history.
What do you think is the most unique characteristic about yourself?
GRiZ – I'm not afraid to do exactly what it is that I want to do musically. I don't have a defining sound to my music. So, whether it's a half-time hip-hop groove, house music, dubstep and everything in between, there's no barrier it. That's what I love about my album Ride Waves. You're getting every artist composition that I love, and I don't ever see myself changing that.