Photographer: Cliff Skighwalker

Last month, we were honored to participate in this year's Mille Mitten, a 1,000+ mile road rally in its third year, inspired by the Mille Miglia in Italy, that traverses throughout the state of Michigan in a span of three days. This year, we started in Detroit's legendary Eastern Market, traveling everywhere from Grand Rapids, to the upper peninsula, Traverse City, Cardinal Lane in Lewiston, and more before ending our journey at the iconic Lafayette Coney Island (Sidebar: Lafayette > American all day... no debating). We brought a few disposables and were able to capture some great moments. It was a dope experience viewing Michigan in this fashion and we can't wait for next year. For more information, Check out the Mille Mitten on Twitter and Instagram. Check out our images in the gallery, shot by Cliff Skighwalker, above.