Writrz Block - One More Night

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Writerz block (22), from Newark NJ. Graduated from Villanova University, class of 2019, with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Son of James “Gotti" Floyd who was signed to Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit. Inspired by his fathers drive and ability he always had a innate desire to pursue music. He began mimicking his father's musical path and learned how to sing, rap and dance. Tragedy struck the household when James Floyd was arrested, facing the next decade in prison. The emotional toll I had to withstand at such a young age was unbearable and often times I wanted to quit. Growing up in Newark NJ fatherless I simply felt like another statistic but I knew I had to be better. I had to become a man not only for my myself but for my younger siblings looking up to me. I thought my father being taken away was a curse but my mother told me that one day I would see it as one of my greatest assets. Talking to him everyday and seeing his change inspired me to grow. Our connection grew even stronger and we both were able to learn a few lessons. Making it to Villanova university on an academic scholarship wasn't an easy task but with the help of my father, mother and loving family I was able to persevere. In college I began to tap back into my musical passions, creating YouTube covers in a college dorm room to writing my own music. The best part about it all was senior year... the moment i never saw coming when my father surprised me and was home in time to attend my graduation. We then vowed to create something that we could do together, to not only make up for the time lost but to build for ourselves and our families. Check out his late song one more night.


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