Sid Roams Vs. Beat Bangaz


[email protected]!n$ has a very ill new record out with Tyrese entitled 'Tomorrow' that is off his upcoming mixtape The Great Adventures Of Dope Boy C: Dope For President that drops on June 23rd.
The beat used on said track is credited to be produced by Beat Bangaz who I am completely unfamiliar with. It was brought to my attention that this beat also appeared on Sid Roams' Strictly Nstrmntl album that dropped last year. The track is called 'Fly High'.
There could be something I'm not hearing, but the beats seem to be exactly the same. Unless Sid Roams has changed his name to Beat Bangaz, I smell thievery!
Your thoughts?
UPDATE: Below, Sid Roams and [email protected]!n$ respond exclusively to illRoots regarding the beat.

So long as they are not making money off this release, what can be done? People record over those instrumentals all the time. We put the project together so people would do just that. But putting produced by "whoever these clowns are" was wack!
-Sid Roams

Situations like this happen all the time and its hard to control them. This beat was given to me 3 years ago by someone representing the producers. I never personally met the producer, just the 3rd party representation. After I did the record last year and decided to shoot the video, I contacted the individual who gave me the beat initially and asked was the beat still open. They gave me the go-ahead and the beat was to be credited to the "Beat Bangaz". I don't know what/or who is responsible for this mix-up, but in no shape form or fashion did we try to undercut or dis-credit anybody. I'm sure this matter would be figured out soon and the proper producers get the credit.
[email protected]!n$


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