Rick Ross - Speedin' (Ft. Kells)

How to make a Miami rap video:
1. DJ Khaled must be present. Runners beat is a bonus.
2. Must include one segment that is filmed during sunset/orange hue. (What up P?)
3. Speed boat rapping without a doubt.
4. Faux movie intro/concept.
5. Concept has to involve running from some sort of authority.
6. Aerial view of the Port of Miami/Miami Skyline.
7. R&B Singer on the hook (Akon, Dre, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Etc.)
8. Sparks, green screen, Poor CGI, raining money, explosions, Etc..
9. Must showcase as many famous friends as possible for credibility.
10. Motorcycles.
For reference, please visit the following:
100 Million
I'm So Hood (Remix)
I'm So Hood / Brown Paper Bag
We Takin' Over

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