FKA Twigs Unveils 'AVANTgarden' Instagram Zine

Directed by: FKA Twigs Photographer: reecendean

Singer FKA twigs has independently released the first issue of her newly announced AVANTgarden Instagram exclusive zine. Citing the creative and expressive freedom of Instagram for the format choice, twigs is decisively in control of this project as the creative director, with a slew of other talented people credited for parts this issue's creation in the post's bio. You can view the ten picture/ page zine below, and watch out for more coming soon.

AVANTgarden issue 1. ROOTS ∙ SHOCK ∙ BEAUTY Creative Director: FKA twigs @fkatwigs Editor: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Styling: Matthew Josephs @matthew_josephs Hair: Rio Sreedharan @rio_hair Casting: FKA twigs @fkatwigs and Olivia Kaifa @livokai Photography and post production: R + D @reecendean MUA: Bea Sweet @beasweetbeauty Set Design: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Models: Chanel @chanellygirl / Naomi @_flowerchildx / Olivia @livokai / James @j_magz / Malick @ssandroidx / Kaner @kanerflex / Vanessa @vanessaohenlen / Jourdan @jourdancopeland / Rachellé @rachellehollandxx Logo: Matt de Jong @go_dejong Layout: FKA twigs @fkatwigs / Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p / Matt de Jong @go_dejong Illustrations: Roxie Warder @roxiepandora
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