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Another Mike Waxx & illRoots collab!
A year in the making. No lie, I was originally going to drop this mixtape in September of 2007.
It's been an on and off process since then, but it is finally here.
Featuring blends, remixes, exclusive freestyles from some good friends of mine, rarities, live performances and much more.
I put mad effort into this project, so I would really appreciate you to check it out, it's a free download. Included is a bonus wallpaper designed by 4Five, who also did the cover.
I will be printing up some hard copies with special edition artwork and a few other goodies soon, so be on the lookout for that (leave a comment if you might be interested in purchasing).
Also, huge props to OJ Loopz for splitting this up for me, I appreciate it my dude.
I'm done talking, please let everyone know about this project, you wont be disappointed!
1. DOOMposter Intro
2. Jake One - Trap Door (Ft. MF DOOM)
3. Donny Goines - Vinca Rosea [EXCLUSIVE]
4. MF DOOM - Paper Planes
5. Ryan Leslie - Addiction (Ft. Cassie & Fabolous)
6. J.Rocwell & Sugar Tongue Slim - Mandrake [EXCLUSIVE]
7. Mighty Underdogs - Gunfight (Ft. MF DOOM)
8. Nas - Speaks On DOOM
9. Nas - Hope (Ft. Chrisette Michelle)
10. 3rd Bass - Gas Face (Ft. MF DOOM)
11. Nov Ganon - Nettle Leaves [EXCLUSIVE]
12. Lil' Wayne - A Milli
13. MF DOOM - A Milli Freestyle
14. J. Dilla - Sniper Elite (Ft. MF DOOM)
15. Nero - Eucalyptus [EXCLUSIVE]
16. Kool G. Rap - Ill Street Blues
17. Rick Ross - Speedin' (Ft. R. Kelly)
18. Jabee - Meditation [EXCLUSIVE]
19. MF DOOM - Boulder Holder
20. Justice - We Are Your Friends
21. Jay-Z - Pray
22. MF DOOM - I Hear Voices (Live)
23. J-Snyder - The Magic Message [EXCLUSIVE]
24. Big Boi - Royal Flush (Ft. Raekwon & Andre 3000)
25. Lil' Wayne - Got Money (Ft. T-Pain)
26. T-Pain - Can't Believe It (Ft. Lil' Wayne)
27. J. Dilla - Mash's Revenge (Ft. MF DOOM & Guilty Simpson)
28. MF DOOM - Hoe Cakes [Ant Remix]
29. Kumi Hues - Camphor [EXCLUSIVE]
30. MF DOOM - Shimmy Shimmy Ladies

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