DJ Whoo Kid And 50 Cent - G-Unit Radio 25

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WAXX EDIT: This shit is wack as hell. I knew it would be when I saw the tracklist, but I figured there'd be a few tracks to check for. Like track 6, which is featuring Eminem. Or so I though. It's just a fuckin Eminem sample on the chorus. And track 24, the one that was a supposed "Hidden Bonus Track". It's just some Birdgang shit with Jim Jones on it. 50 ain't even on it with him. I haven't listened to the whole tape yet, just the tracks that looked like they would be interesting, but wtf. The intro is mad funny though.

KINGGS EDIT: Waxx, U mad?

1.hood newz-madison square garden screamfest (intro)
2.50 Cent-i get money (remix) (feat. jay-z p. diddy)
3.50 Cent-so serious uk style (feat. chris rock)
4.50 Cent-family matters (sabrinas baby boy)
5.young buck-class is in session
6.50 Cent-no more new niggas (feat. eminem)
7.hood newz-search for camron
8.50 Cent-dont wanna talk about it
9.50 Cent-curtis 187
10.50 Cent-coke life (feat. tony yayo and lloyd banks)
11.50 Cent-i still kill (feat. akon)
12.50 Cent-southside (feat. tony yayo and lloyd banks)
13.young buck-get down
14.50 Cent-officer down (original version)
15.hood newz-search for camron 2 (jim jones speaks)
16.50 Cent-im on some shit (feat. tony yayo and lloyd banks)
17.50 Cent-smile
18.young buck-ride whoo kid-pimpin ken (skit)
20.50 Cent-part time lover whookid-kenny chesney (skit)
22.young buck-personal (unity) whoo kid-camron found (hood newz) whoo kid-down to ride (feat. jim jones) [listen] downloa whoo kid-hot 97 plug whoo kid-outro

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