Asaad - Dirty Middle Class (Mixtape)

As promised, Asaad drops off his latest full length project for the masses, just a few days before his 21st birthday. Download and enjoy.
1. Black Kids Dream (Prod. By Bink!)
2. Mr. White Lighter (Prod. By Fall Out Beatz)
3. Ammo VM (Skit)
4. Dirty White Leathers (Prod. By Nascent & QB)
5. Paradise Jungle
6. Nobody Special Justin (Skit)
7. Mobbin’ (Prod. By Manny Witt Da Beatz)
8. Nia & Mom Convo
9. Asaad’s New Groove
10. Mr. Porter VM (Skit)
11. Paint On The Fur (Prod. By Nascent & QB)
12. Suicide Supermodel
13. Fuk My Life (Prod. By Ben Pramuk & Manny Witt Da Beatz)
14. Fated Ft. Wyo & Drgnkng (Prod. By DJ Sophic)
15. Aunt Tee VM (Skit)
16. Make My Day
17. U Ain’t Worth My Sanity (Skit)
18. Suicide Love Note Ft. How To Dress Well (Prod. By Tom Krell)
19. Gutter Rock (Remix) Ft. Walt Fraize (Prod. By Walt Fraize)
20. Black City Ft. Rich Hil (Prod. By Ritz)
21. Sleep It Off Ft. Drgnkng (Prod. By Ritz)

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