Produced by: Vanderslice

On what would have been his 43rd birthday, producer Vanderslice un-vaults a track titled 'Hard Body Karate' with a verse from the late great Prodigy, aswell as Conway and Twin.

"Prodigy has been my favorite rapper since 'Shook Ones II' really. It was such a humbling experience to finally get to work and build any sort of relationship with him, and once it was done I felt a sense of accomplishment unlike I've ever felt with my music. I have lost a lot of people in my personal life and when I heard he died my reaction was, 'That's impossible we just finished our song, man!' I was shattered inside. I don't think rap will ever recover from losing P." Vanderslice said in a statement.

This will appear on the producer's upcoming project The Best Album Money Can Buy, but is available to listen above right now.