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I listen to close to 100 new albums/mixtapes a week and this right here is a monster of a project. Besides the production being superb, Sean Falyon drops an extremely dope collection of songs. We have a short interview with Mr. Falyon, a debut video for 'Big City Nights' directed by the Motion Family and the tracklist and download link after the jump. This is how you do a project right, Shouts to the whole SMKA Family.
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illRoots.com: Sean Falyon is _____.
Sean Falyon: A hard working and dedicated individual.
iR: Explain the move from Philadelphia to Atlanta?
SF: The move from Philly to ATL was much needed...I was doing good financially and having alot of fun but I didn't see any progression. I felt like I was running in place. I was doing a clothing at the time and became friends with alot of artist in ATL so I came to visit and that visit turned into me moving. I love philly though that will never change.
iR: If you could throw a party, give me the perfect spot in Atlanta?
SF: The perfect spot to throw a party in ATL....WAS the ROYAL... many memories in there and if it was still around It would be the spot I would choose. DOPE VIBE!
iR: Most Underrated Emcee of All-Time is? and why?
SF: Will Smith... alot of people dont give Will the credit he deserves as an emcee... He was doing the story telling thing and keeping music fun I respect dude for all his contributions to music. He made SUMMERTIME... a summer can't go by without that song being played...Its a staple. I want to be able to say that I have a record like SUMMERTIME or even Parents Just dont Understand.... My favorite record of his is BRAND NEW FUNK... thats a WEST PHILLY CLASSIC!!!!
iR: Give me a short synopsis of where you feel you will be in 3 years?

SF: Funny this question comes up... Me and a bunch of close friends were discussing that in 3 years we will be wealthy and chip in to buy a plane and an island for our families to use and visit. lol we're also gonna acquire accents when we reach a net worth of over 500 million...lol. Truely in 3 years im gonna still be working to better myself as a person and a contributor to this world we live in.
iR: If you could be President of one nation in the world which one and why?
SF: I'm good... dont want that much responsibility ..thats a whole other type of HATE you have to deal with. Much success to Barack he's a strong man for taking that position.
iR: You are about to retire, who produces the last song you ever record?
SF: I'm a hiphop head til the death but honestly its a toss up between PETE ROCK and JUSTICE LEAGUE(the production they did on Rick Ross is AMAZING... their production is like soundtracks to life)

iR: Where is Hip-Hop at right now in contrast to previous years?
SF: Hip Hop is all over the place ...and I think thats good. I think the music needs to have no boundaries. HipHop was created to have NO RULES... its cool to have opinions on who you like and who you dont like but I would never say something I dont like isnt HipHop... No as far as the corporate side... i think labels stunt hiphops growth because they get to tied up in the marketing of it and dont focus on putting out great music.
iR: What else can we expect from you within the coming months?

SF: SEAN FALYON THE GREAT "My Memoirs your Instructions" is in the works...that will be my first LP ... in the next few months check me out ALL OVER THE PLACE (XBOX LIVE with Konsole Kingz/ KonsoleKingz.com , SOUPYJONES.COM and rockin ADIDAS!!!!!!)

iR: Define your sound.
SF: My sound is something you can DREAM , LIVE and FUCK to....I like to call it.... Phenomenal.