Okay so if you all have seen the Obama video, I decided to get on the ol' comp and talk politics with my good friend 6th and newly acquintance Joey Angerone otherwise known as the director of "I Wanna Tell Ya" and the new Obama video by 6th Sense. Our COMPLETE convo after the jump.illRoots.com: ola
6th: Jay
6th: meet Joe
6th: Joe meet Jay
Joey: Hey man!
illRoots.com: Whats up homie
illRoots.com: Word to 6th, Thanks homie
Joey: Ha Ha
illRoots.com: So first off my good sir the video is many synonyms of great.
Joey: It was a labor of love for my dude 6

illRoots.com: now before I gas you up and you turn into Hey Arnold.

Joey: ha
illRoots.com: Thanks for the time of the day
Joey: Oh man.. This is my first interview.. Thank YOU
6th: I'm going to throw a "hold" in here. (hold is the new pause)
Joey: HAHA

illRoots.com: But when getting this song how did you go about creating an accurate visual representation.

Off 6th's new album "Its Coming Soon" Prod. by Frequency
Joey: Well.. I shot a video for 6 about a year ago for a track he had called 'I Wanna Tell Ya' which was pretty much a performance driven video like this one is.With 6, theres no gimmicks, and I like that to come across. Honestly.. my FIRST thought was IN FRONT OF THE APOLLO! and it took a little convincing, but that was the first idea AND the first location we shot from there.. we kinda winged it an let the city become its own character. We were hoping this stuff would happen.. as it did.. NYC never disappoints.
Joey: The megaphone, the hippy, the kids.. you cant write that shit.
illRoots.com: Exactly, I was in Atlanta and got a bum to freestyle on my Sol Munkie video footage
Joey: HAHAHAA!!!!
6th : The moment the camera started rolling on take one, after like 4 bars I realized that the situation was out of my hands. I felt wings on me.
Joey: HA!
illRoots.com: He can detail a car at a green light in like 5 minutes
Joey: DAMN!, Thats it man.
6th : Obama will bring change to the homelessness situation in places like Atlanta.
illRoots.com: Now that’s service
Joey: That’s sick.
illRoots.com: Who are you telling we gave him some bread because of the job he did, only right. But where are you trying to take music videos too.
Joey: Yeah... it was my boy Evan, who also was A.D. for the video, who came up with the idea to run in the park.. and after that shot we saw the band playing on the bench..6 went up there.. told him about the movement and we shot with them. It worked out GREAT cause we used the clip of them at the end singing "...dick cheney.. your kingdom must come down!" CLASSIC!
illRoots.com: Word, But one video you would redo?

"Hate Me Now" Nas feat. Puff Daddy
Joey: For me.. i just use my brain and my camera, I dont have access to a bunch of fancy shit.. so what I lack financially I make up for with creativity. One video I would redo? I would re-do the HATE ME NOW video and have 6th Sense play Jesus
illRoots.com: wowser
Joey: nah, haha
6th : I just ran to the fridge stocked with Moet. And I'm totally kidding.
illRoots.com: Yea i'm sippin Crystal, Lite… I'm on a diet. Live like a king, only right.
6th : I hope this interview is heavily edited, heavily with a capital "CH".
Joey: Haha, I think its going well

illRoots.com: lol ,no we are keeping the Hate Me Now
Joey: HAHAHA!!! I LOVE that video.
6th: Puff spitting the cris is classic.
illRoots.com: True
Joey: See we cant do that with 6.. they'd say 'WHAT A RUDE NUMBER THAT 6 IS'
illRoots.com: lol, Yea well truthfully i just want that fucking white tiger.
Joey: But THIS video.. as 6 said is a GOOD MORNING AMERICA video
illRoots.com: word
Joey: For the kids, the parents, even gammy its REAL positive
illRoots.com: Not gam gam
illRoots.com: I know you know the movie
Joey: Little Nicky?
illRoots.com: Beerfest
Joey: AH! That was funny... blew Beer League away
illRoots.com: Truth
Joey: Although I LOVE Arty Lange, oh well.
illRoots.com: ahh yes But how long have you been doing this.
Joey: I've only been shooting and editing since '02 when I started at NYIT made my student film in '04. The stuff I usually do is pretty dark.. SEE: “Teeth Dont Grind” Thats a short I did last year.. 6 is in it. Shit is dark DARK.Thats why its a relief to be able to do a project I can actually show my parents. So I’ve done 1 short film, 2 documentaries, and 2 music videos BOTH for 6. So I’m just starting to stain brains. Sixth inspires me SO much, that when he has an idea.. i just jump right on it (pause).We were both at Austin @ SXSW last month and this dude KILLED IT down there.. I was extremely inspired. When we came back from Austin... the next week 6 said.. "I’m working on this Obama track and I want you to help me with it"
6th: I really feel the video speaks loudly. Joe seriously knocked it out of the park. People ask me where the idea came from, and it largely came from him. The amount of times where I might have been so-so on something and Joe said "trust me." And I did.
Joey: He planned on using pictures and such for the video.. But I was looking to do something after SXSW too so I was like "LETS GET IT MY DUDE! WE'RE GOING IN!"
illRoots.com: word up thats great though...
Joey: 6 and i are REAL GOOD calaborators
illRoots.com: So Why Obama..
Joey: 6..
illRoots.com: I'm voting Obama But why?
6th: That's an alley-oop to me right Joe?
Joey: he has to answer that one
6th: Obama is inspirational. It's why I made the song, and did the video. Obama has literally ignited the people. The man is just truly inspiring. The fact that he can identify with the majority of american life, many facets which are completely ignored by the powers that be... that speaks volumes. Also, I am looking forward to having a president that can actually speak coherently to me.
Joey: HAHA!!! THATS a plus for a world leader.
illRoots.com: Couldn't have said it better
Joey: back in the day the president was someone that would DIE for his people.. not one who will send HIS people to die for personal gain.THINGS HAVE CHANGED and we need hope.

illRoots.com: Big said it best

6th: Did he now?.... Yes yes
illRoots.com: Obama yes....George nyet
Joey: HAHA
illRoots.com: But where is Joey Angerone going..
Joey: HAHA, Too shoot a Bud Light Lime event for FADER magazine.
illRoots.com: No I'm talking about movies...music videos...real estate ..lmao
6th : I guarantee the world of music will become one with Joe's work.
illRoots.com: word
Joey: HAHA! LOVE and PEACE! OBAMA '08!

Now Vote Obama...I'm out..