Photography by: Mike Waxx
By now I think it's fair to say that Yelawolf is one of the most buzzing newer artists in the game. When we got in touch with Yela's man Seneca to meet up with them in Hollywood, we were definitely looking forward to linking up and getting lunch at the infamous Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles. There was a thirty minute wait to get in, and with that time we were able to get some pretty unique footage and get more acquainted with Yelawolf, Mr. Finley, Bear, KP and the Ghet-O-Vision family.[nggallery id=1]
On the ride to Roscoe's, KP played a few new tracks from Yelawolf that sounded like some of his best material yet. One of the songs we heard was the recently released 'Wanna Party', before Gucci Mane laid his verse however.
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For the most part, we all ordered the classic Chicken & Waffles combination. The illRoots team already hit up Roscoe's the day prior, but who really can complain when the food is so good. Harold's in Chicago is a close competitor for Chicken, but nothing really touches Roscoe's.
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Afterwards, we headed back to Yela's hotel to finish up our profile video with him. Stay tuned for that, coming soon.