Track The Movement [7/31/07]


I'm gone for only two days yet there's so much I miss.
Lil' Wayne to ether 50 Cent? [Link]
Wyclef gets at Lauryn Hill hard in the new issue of Scratch. [Link]
Barack Obama gets cover of Vibe Magazine. [Link]
Marsha of Floetry to work with Amanda Diva. [Link]
Wu-Tang speaks on '8 Diagrams'. [Link]
Pictures from Rock The Bells @ Randall's Island: Day One. [Link]
Cassidy - Amusement Park [Link]
Jay-Z shuts down rumours of leaving Def Jam. [Link]
These people have no idea what they're talking about. [Link]
The Dream Merchant Vol. 2 Cover & Tracklist. [Link]
The Game & Lil' Wayne - Lyrical Homicide. [Link]
DJ Semtex interview with Common. [Link]
"You're Not The Best". Blog by Joe Budden. [Link]

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