Stik Figa - It Ain't Easy Bein' Skinny


[Download Link & Tracklist Inside]
Damn, illRoots dropping four dope tapes in one week?
Here goes a mixtape from Kansas bred Stik Figa.
Another must download filled with album worthy material. No freestyles here!
Music video for 'The Truth' is also inside!
1. Intro
2. Class Of 2000 [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
3. Sure Thing [Prod. By Decap]
4. Medicine [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
5. Figa of Speech [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
6. Interlude 1
7. What It Is [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
8. Theme Music [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
9. The Truth prod by Leonard Dstroy
10. Absitively [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
11. Black Kid [Prod. By Leonard Dstroy]
12. Interlude 2
13. Lookin' Good [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
14. 24/7 (Ft. Reggie B) [Prod. By Leonard Dstroy]
15. Rollin' [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
16. The Pie (Ft. XV) [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
17. Baybee [Prod. By Leonard Dstroy]
18. Interlude 3
19. Bro Bro [Prod. By Leonard Dstroy]
20. Susan B [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]
21. Part of Town [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
22. Ugly Dude [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
23. Interlude 4
24. Let It Be (Ft. Reggie B) [Prod. By Miles Bonny]
25. End Credits [Prod. By Michael "Seven" Summers]


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