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I've been makin beats most of my life, got my first track on tricks album, “Tuck Ya Ice”...I'm influenced by music and it caused me to create it
illRoots: First Off I would like to Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it. For all the people out there that don't know you, I'd like to ask, Who is Kane Beatz?
Kane Beatz: Kane Beatz is NEXT! Haha man I'm just me from Orlando workin hard u know...tryin to kill the industry! Really bout to get it real crazy.
illRoots: Your a producer- how did you get your start and why did you start?
Kane Beatz: I've been makin beats most of my life, got my first track on tricks album, “Tuck Ya Ice”...I'm influenced by music and it caused me to create it...I got my first break wit my dude Mike Caren who helped me get where I am...working with him and signing to APG.
illRoots: For those who aren't familiar with your credits whom have you produced for and who was the hardest artist to work for?
Kane Beatz: I've done records on Trick Daddy’s last album, DJ Khaled’s album “We The Best”, Chamillionaire’s new album, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, Brisco, Flo-rida, Sean P, C Ride,Lil’ Scrappy, BG, Rob G, Attitude, Hot Dollar, Bloodraw, Slick Pulla, etc....man
Chamillionaire - Evening News (Prod. Kane Beatz)
illRoots: What piece of equipment is essential in your lab?
Kane Beatz:The most essential piece I'm usin right now is the Fantom...I love the new one man...its crazy
illRoots: Greatest producer of all-time in your opinion?
Kane Beatz: greatest producer of all time is a hard one...I respect so many producers...it would have to be a tie between Dr. Dre and Timbo....Manny Fresh too, I was really influenced by him at a young age.

illRoots: Recently SCRATCH Magazine voted you as the 8th hottest producer in the Industry right under Akon and over such greats as Jermaine Dupri & Just Blaze. Who's in the lab with Kane Beatz? and what project should we look out for?

Kane Beatz: Man that article was CRAZY...I'm glad people are really feelin me. I'm gonna keep them feelin my music...because it changes...look out for some crazy Lil’ Scrappy records...Birdman album is Crazy got a couple on there just finished that, Flo rida is coming this dude is a Beast....right now workin wit Block Ent, Polo Grounds shouts to them...Sunny V...Joc...man just tryin to work wit everybody...I got hits and Ima hittin everyone wit them fam

illRoots:Being from Orlando and the overwhelming success of Florida recently. What is the next wave of artists out of Florida? As well hip-hop is constantly evolving in your opinion what is the next music to be integrated into hip-hop that we haven't seen?

Kane Beatz: Man, Florida is killin, my man Wes Fif is def next...I should have mentioned him in the last question...I'm workin wit him..he just went to Slip-n-Slide...C ride, Brisco their all coming hard...both ma dudes...and definately Flo-rida is the next artists to come from Florida.I think pop and hiphop are coming closer and the lines are beginning to blur....expect to see a lot of that now
illRoots: If you weren't producing what would you be doing?
Kane Beatz: Man I don't know...I would prolly be a comedian or somethin...that's what everyone tells me
illRoots: How did you get the name Kane Beatz?
Kane Beatz: Man that's crazy, Story is man I was a rapper at one time named Hurricane...when I realized I could make beats I went to Kane Beatz...and it stuck...its just Me man...

illRoots: You're getting alot of hype right now, give me one artist that you would want to work with that isn't necessarily a hip-hop artist?

Kane Beatz: Man, I want to work wit Linkin Park...I want to do more Pop and RnB now....like lace a record for Lil’ Wayne then go right to Chris brown and finish wit brittney speares..its just patience but trust I have records for all genres and they go HARD.

illRoots: In current news what is your opinion on Jadakiss signing to Rocafella?

Kane Beatz: Man that's great...Jada is one of my all time fav artists, as long as he is treated right he can finally reach the level where we all know he should be right now
illRoots: If you died tomorrow what would you want to be remembered for?
Kane Beatz: Man not for any particular record...just remembered as a producer who challenged music, pushed the bar...and wants to take every record to Mars ...
Thanks Kane for everything, look out for more at www.myspace.com/kanebeatzmusic

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