Catch-Up With Diggy

Directed by: Mike Carson
Produced by: Mike Waxx
Additional footage: Matt Cohen
The average teenager is said to spend all their time playing video games, flirting with girls, sitting in class and eating junk food. With the release of his highly anticipated mixtape Airborne, the extremely talented Diggy Simmons is attempting to break that stereotype. We've been involved in his rap career since day one, and can co-sign his ambition and organic grind one hundred and ten percent. His fashion sense is unmatchable for his age and his humble attitude really shows that this kid is in it for more than just the fame. We chopped it up with Diggy at a New York recording studio on what separates him from other young artists, how the internet has helped his career, what's different about his day to day life and other topics that shape who he really is. If one thing's guaranteed, it's that Diggy is an artist that you can't ignore and will have a bright future ahead of him.

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